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 +====== SABU Architecture =====
 +The architecture of the SABU system is superior to the [[https://​warden.cesnet.cz/​|Warden]] system. The Warden system and its client connectors thus constitute the basic components of the SABU project. In the context of SABU, the Warden system has become the transmission infrastructure component which enables gathering and sharing the information obtained from the security tools such as IDS, IPS, probes and honeypots. ​
 +The SABU project includes designing and the implementing the modules for data enriching, intelligent analysis and output-input connectors. ​
 +=== Initially proposed architecture of SABU ===
 +The proposed SABU architecture as displayed on the chart below has been drafted in the initial project stage and is based on the experience from the development and operation of the Warden and Mentat system, i.e. as of November 2014. 
 +{{:​cs:​sabu-architecture.png|Architektura systému SABU}}
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