One of the goals of the SABU project is to initiate the sharing of ‘security incident’ and ‘security event’ alerts on both national and international level. One of our missions is therefore to strengthen the cooperation between security teams, network operators and service providers in the Czech Republic. We welcome any network operators and institutions dealing with security which would be willing to become our partners and participate in any of the following manners:

  • Gathering reports informing about security events in respect of the network they operate;
  • Sharing data from their own security tools (IDS, IPS, probes, logs …);
  • Contributing to the pilot operation of the SABU system.

If you are interested to become the partner of the SABU project, please contact us.

Partners of the SABU projects

At present, the following entities are our partners for the SABU project:

  • GovCERT.CZ
  • CZ.NIC
  • ČD-Telematika
  • Casablanca
  • Flowmon Networks (originally INVEA-TECH)
  • Seznam.CZ
  • ČSOB-Group-CSIRT
  • VUT
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