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Date Author/Moderator Title Event Link
20 June 2016 Team 2nd meeting with SABU partners CESNET, MU
26 April 2016 A. Kropáčová SABU Presentation ISACA Evening odp
1 April 2016 A. Kropáčová Warden and Mentat SABU Presentation SANET Bratislava odp
27 January 2016 M. Žádník Sharing of security incidents and their analysis in the Czech Republic CSIRT.CZ pdf
26 January 2016 M. Žádník TF-CSIRT tech. coloq. Presentation TF-CSIRT tech. coloq. pdf
13 January 2016 A. Kropáčová Presentation about the history of a system for sharing of security events, systems Warden and Mentat pdf
13 January 2016M. Žádník SABU Project Presentation – 1st Meeting with SABU Partners GoogleDocs
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